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We place capable talent.

Our Priority: You

Whether you’re looking for one extraordinary individual or to assemble a phenomenal team, VentVest will find and hire the best. We never forget that you are our customer and work diligently until a successful placement is achieved. 

Intentional Strategies

VentVest works to become part of your team, so that we understand the ins and outs of your company and can identify the best candidate, in terms of skills and experience but also personality and culture. We leverage connections and relationships that we’ve built over many years to find the most fitting candidate for your organization.

Years of Experience

We understand the challenges that companies face when looking for the best talent and we know that each role requires a unique recruiting strategy to achieve positive results.

Talented Candidates

At VentVest we do most of our searches exclusively and have many recurring clients. We know that the best candidates are often the ones not searching for a new role, and go for passive talent. 

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